Consulate Chicago - Finland

  Consulate Chicago - Finland

Honorary Consulate of Finland in Chicago

Chicago - USA

Consulate Chicago - Finland



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Consulates in Chicago: Chicago in the state of Illinois is a magnet for local and foreign visitors. On a yearly basis more than 46 million local and foreign visitors travel to Chicago for tourist or business purposes. Many foreign business travellers visit Chicago for it's huge business and trade centers. Foreign tourists visit Chicago mainly for it's major landmarks such as the wold famous Sears Tower. To be able to assist foreign tourists, business people and locals of the greater Chicago region many countries have established consular offices in the city. The duty of foreign consulates in Chicago is to assist with consular matters involving visitors from abroad as well as people who are living in Chicago.
Chicago Consulate Assistance - When foreign tourist or business visitors who visit Chicago are in need of specific consular services from the Embassy of their home country but are not able to visit their respective Embassy in Washington, they can contact the Chicago consulate to inform if the Chicago Consulate can assist them. Usually a Chicago consulate can assist in passport and visa issues, as well as document certification and the like. In any case it is important that you contact the Chicago consulate directly to find out which consular services they offer.
Chicago Consulate for local citizens - Local citizens from Chicago who plan to visit a foreign country can contact the consulate of the country they want to visit to ask for information on entry and visa matters. For business or tourist visits to many foeriegn countries American citizens need a valid travel visa. In the case that a local Chicago consulate does not assist with entry and visa matters, you can contact the Embassy in Washington DC instead.

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Consulate Chicago     Consulate Chicago
Consulate Chicago - Finland  Consulate Chicago - Finland  Consulate Chicago - Finland  Consulate Chicago - Finland

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Consulate of Finland in Chicago

Embassy Finland in Chicago

Here you will find information about the foreign consulates in Chicago.
In Chicago  USA there are more than 150 Consulates and permanent foreign representations. There are also foreign honorary consulates with limited powers.